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Paintwork Enhancement Detail - Duration 8 - 12 Hours - £395

Designed to give the paintwork a natural lift this includes a full valet , clay bar , single stage machine polish to give the paintwork a natural shine which is then sealed and waxed for protection. 

The paintwork is thoroughly cleaned, clay barred then given a single stage paint correction machine polish to remove any light swirl marks, scratches and imperfections, leaving a highly polished natural paint finish 

 To protect the paintwork it is sealed with our state of the art stage paint sealant process followed by a coat of our exclusive carnauba wax to form a glossy waterproof barrier protecting from salt , road grime acid rain etc. 


Full process as follows :-


  • Degrease / de-wax paintwork.
  • Snow foam followed by full wash and dry.
  • Wheels and calipers cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  • All shuts cleaned.
  • Clay bar - to remove any surface contamination
  • Paint correction - Single stage machine polish
  • Paint protection - 2 stage paint sealant process
  • The paintwork is then finished with 1 coat of our exclusive pure carnauba wax, forming a glossy waterproof barrier protecting from salt, road grime, acid rain etc
  • Full interior clean
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Clean windows interior/exterior
  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed

Duration 8 to 12 hours (1 Day)

Cost £395