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New Car Ceramic Coat Paintwork Protection Detail - Duration 8-12 Hours - £495


This service is for customers with brand new cars that want that extra finish and protection compared to the standard dealership preparation. 

Most dealerships offer new car paint protection as an option when purchasing a new car, most of the time they are using rebranded polymer paint sealants which use out-dated old technology. 
Dealerships can pay as little as £40 for these kits, they take 45 minutes to apply then quite happily charge the service out at anything from £250 - £1000 depending on the relative cost of the car being purchased, basically a money making exercise. 

Our new car detail not only offers true value for money but we also use state of the art Ceramic Coating technology, combine that with the latest techniques in vehicle preparation and you get a finish and protection to your new car that dealerships simply can't rival.

It's a labour intensive process where the paintwork is thoroughly cleaned, clay barred then given a single stage machine polish to remove any light swirl marks or imperfections caused by the PDI process , leaving the car with a highly polished natural paint finish
To protect the paintwork it is then sealed with our state of the art paint sealant process to form a glossy waterproof barrier offering unbeatable protection from salt , road grime, acid rain etc. 

Our Ceramic Coating is so good it even comes with its own lifetime insurance backed guarantee

Full process as follows :.

  • Degrease / de-wax paintwork.
  • Snow foam followed by full wash and dry.
  • Wheels cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  • All shuts cleaned.
  • Clay bar - to remove any surface contamination
  • Paint correction - Single stage machine polish
  • Ceramic Coat paint sealant process
  • Clean and condition and protect interior cloth, carpets and leather
  • Clean windows interior/exterior
  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
  • Rain repellent exterior glass sealant to windscreen and side windows (helps to stop water sheeting over the glass giving clearer vision in adverse weather conditions)
  • Wheel rims sealed (helps to protect the painted rims from break dust and road grime)

Duration 8 to 12 hours (1 Day)

Cost £495 - service can be carried out at home or the dealership prior to collection.


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